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Refundable Pet Deposit

The PHA requires residents who own or keep pets in their unit to pay a refundable pet deposit.

  1. Elderly/disabled residents who have a dog or cat as a pet shall pay a refundable pet deposit of $100.00.
  2. The refundable deposit will be used, if appropriate, to repair damages directly attributable to the presence of the pet.
    1. Such expenses would include, but not be limited to, the cost of repairs and replacement to the dwelling unit, fumigation of the dwelling unit, and the cost of animal care facilities.
    2. The PHA will return the unused portion of a pet deposit to the resident within a reasonable time after the resident moves from the property or no longer owns or keeps the household pet in the unit.
  3. The pet deposit is not part of the rent payable by the resident and is in addition to any other financial obligation generally imposed on residents of the development where the resident lives.
  4. If the cost of the repairs exceeds the pet deposit, the resident will be responsible for paying the balance to the PHA.
  5. Should state or local law require the pet deposit be placed in an interest-bearing account, the PHA will provide for such deposit and will account for all interest to the resident.
  6. Should state or local law not specifically address the issue of pet deposit interest, the PHA shall determine payment or non-payment of interest-based on state or local law with respect to rental security deposit requirements.