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Hygiene and Health of the Pet

The PHA requires the resident to adhere to standards of pet care as listed below:

  1. The resident is required to take their pet to a licensed veterinarian at least once per year and provide verification to the PHA.
  2. Pets are required to have the proper inoculations, including rabies vaccinations, as required by state and local law. The resident must show the PHA proof of rabies and distemper booster inoculations annually at reexamination.
  3. The resident shall take the precautions and measures necessary to eliminate pet odors within and around the dwelling unit and shall maintain the dwelling unit in a sanitary condition at all times.
  4. The resident is required to take whatever action necessary to ensure their pet does not bring fleas or ticks into the dwelling unit. This action may include but is not limited to, the use of flea collars and flea powder. The resident is responsible for the cost of flea and/or tick extermination.
  5. If the pet's health is threatened because of the resident's inability to care for it due to illness, absence from the unit, or mistreatment of the pet, the PHA will notify the alternative custodian for the pet listed in the Pet Ownership Policy Addendum. If the resident is either unwilling or unable to care for the pet or if the PHA is unable to contact the alternative custodian for the pet, the PHA will notify state or local authorities and/or local animal control.
  6. The resident shall be responsible for arranging for the burial or other disposal, off PHA property, of the pet in the event of its death.