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PHA Removal of the Pet

The resident agrees that the PHA or local animal control shall have the right to remove any pet should the pet become vicious, display symptoms of severe illness, or demonstrate other behavior that constitutes an immediate threat to the health or safety of the tenancy as a whole.

  1. If the PHA requests that the resident remove the pet and the resident refuses to do so, or if the resident fails to take no effective action to control the pet's behavior so that the threat is mitigated or eliminated, the PHA shall have the right to remove the pet from the premises.
  2. If PHA is unable to contact the resident to make the request, the PHA may take such actions as deemed necessary, e.g. placing the pet in an animal care facility that will provide the pet with care and shelter at the expense of the resident for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days.
  3. PHA staff shall enter a dwelling unit where the pet has been left untended for twenty-four (24) hours, remove the pet and transfer it to the proper local authorities, subject to any provisions of state or local law or ordinances in this regard. The PHA shall accept no responsibility for the pet under such circumstances.