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The resident is solely responsible for the conduct of their pet.

  1. No resident shall permit the pet to disturb, interfere, or diminish the peaceful enjoyment of his/her neighbors or other residents.
  2. The terms "disturb, interfere, or diminish" shall include, but not be limited to, barking, howling, biting, scratching, chirping, running-at-large, and other activities of a disturbing nature.
  3. The PHA is prohibited from requiring the resident to have any pet's vocal cords removed.
  4. The resident shall not allow any pet to dig, destroy, or damage any shrubbery, plants, flowers, grass, lawn, fence, or anything else on PHA property.
  5. If the pet continues to cause a nuisance after receiving notification from the PHA, the PHA may request the resident not to bring the pet into certain areas or to remove it from the property.
  6. If the resident declines, delays, or refuses to remove the pet from PHA-property after receiving written notification, the PHA shall take such actions as deemed necessary to have the pet removed from PHA-property (see paragraph U of this section). Such action is subject to the grievance process.
  7. In all cases, reasonable accommodations will be considered.