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Inspection, Maintenance, and Work Orders

Entry to the dwelling unit will be performed during reasonable hours, after proper notice has been given to the resident, except in an emergency situation.

  1. The resident or a responsible family member must be present and available to secure the pet, remove the pet, or physically control the pet during times that PHA staff (including PHA maintenance staff) or agents of the PHA are in the dwelling unit performing annual inspections, requested or preventative maintenance inspections, routine work orders or maintenance, housekeeping inspections, pest control, landscaping, or other at other times identified in the dwelling lease.
  2. Non-emergency work orders will be completed only if the resident or responsible family member is present and available to physically control and secure the pet, when the pet has been caged, or when the pet has been removed from the dwelling unit.
  3. In emergency situations, entry will be made immediately. The PHA will provide notice and the reason why the emergency entry was made.
  4. The PHA will not be responsible for any animal, including the pet, which gets out of the dwelling unit when PHA staff (including PHA maintenance staff) or agents enter the dwelling unit for the purpose of performing any inspection or maintenance duties.