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Housing and Control of the Pets

The resident will be fully responsible for the care and supervision of the pet. The pet shall be housed inside of the dwelling unit.

  1. The resident shall keep a cat or a dog on a leash and shall control the animal when outside of the dwelling unit for any purpose.
  2. No resident shall allow his or her pet to be unleashed or run-at-large when outside the dwelling unit.
  3. Bird(s) shall be confined to a cage at all times and not be allowed to fly in the dwelling unit.
  4. No pet shall be tethered or chained outside or inside the dwelling unit.
  5. No pet shall be permitted in any common area, including lobbies, community rooms, or laundry areas, except as necessary to directly enter and exit the building. This restriction is not applicable to assistance animals.
  6. No pet (other than birds, turtles, or fish) shall be permitted to remain in the dwelling unit overnight while the resident is away.
  7. No resident shall keep a pet in violation of state or local health or humane laws or ordinances. Any failure of these pet ownership rules to contain other applicable state or local laws or ordinances does not relieve the resident of the responsibility for complying with such requirements.
  8. All residents are prohibited from housing or caring for stray animals or birds. Such action shall constitute the resident having a pet without permission of the PHA. If the resident violates this provision, the PHA will take all appropriate lease enforcement actions up to and including termination of the resident's dwelling lease as a result of Policy violations. Grievance procedures that apply to other termination and eviction actions shall apply to violations of this Policy.