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Procedures Governing the Hearing

  1. Official or Panel: The hearing shall be held before a hearing officer or a hearing panel, as appropriate.
  2. Safeguards of Due Process: The complainant shall be afforded a fair hearing providing the basic safeguards of due process, which include the following:
    1. The opportunity to examine documents before the hearing, and to copy all documents, records, and regulations of the PHA that are relevant to the hearing at the expense of the complainant. Any requested document not made available to the complainant may not be relied on by the PHA at the hearing;
    2. The right to be represented by counsel or other person chosen as the complainant's representative;
    3. The right to a private hearing unless the complainant requests a public hearing;
    4. The right to present evidence and arguments in support of the complainant's complaint, to controvert evidence relied on by the PHA or development management, and to confront and cross-examine all witnesses on whose testimony or information the PHA or development management relies; and
    5. A decision based solely and exclusively upon the facts presented at the hearing.