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Escrow Deposit

  1. Before a hearing is scheduled in any grievance involving the amount of Tenant Rent which the PHA claims is due, the resident shall pay into an escrow account, an amount equal to the amount of the Tenant Rent due and payable as of the first of the month preceding the month in which the act or failure to act took place.
  2. The resident shall thereafter deposit the same amount of the Tenant Rent into that escrow account monthly until the complaint is resolved by the decision of the hearing officer or hearing panel.
  3. The PHA may waive these requirements in extenuating circumstances. Unless so waived, failure to make such payments shall result in termination of the grievance procedures.
  4. Failure to make payment shall not constitute a waiver of any right the resident may have to contest the PHA's disposition of the resident's grievance in any appropriate judicial proceeding.
  5. Escrow deposits are not required for grievances related to minimum rent hardships and welfare reductions.