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Decision of the Hearing Officer or Hearing Panel

  1. The hearing officer or hearing panel shall prepare a written decision, together with the reasons, therefore, within a reasonable time after the hearing (usually within 10 business days).
  2. A copy of the decision shall be sent to the complainant and the PHA.
  3. The PHA shall retain a copy of the decision in the resident's folder.
  4. The PHA must maintain a log of all hearing officer or hearing panel decisions and make it available upon request of the hearing officer or hearing panel, a prospective complainant, or a prospective complainant's representative. At a minimum, the log must include:
    1. The date of the hearing decision,
    2. The general reason for the grievance hearing (failure to pay rent, CSSR noncompliance), and
    3. Whether the decision was in the favor of the complainant or the PHA.