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Tenant Treatment Actions and Responsibilities

Tenants are required to cooperate with the treatment efforts by allowing for heat treatment of clothing and furniture and refraining from placement of infested furniture or other items in common areas such as hallways. Tenant cooperation is shown to expedite the control of bedbugs and to prevent the spreading of infestations.

  • The tenant will not be expected to contribute to the cost of the treatment.
  • The tenant will not be reimbursed the cost of any additional expense to the household, such as the purchase of new furniture, clothing, or cleaning services.
  • For treatment to be effective, the tenant must perform the tasks listed below prior to the scheduled treatment date. The PHA encourages tenants to complete items listed as soon as possible in order to minimize the severity of bed bug presence and resolve the problem quickly.
    • Remove all sheets, blankets, mattress covers, pillowcases, etc. from beds and wash in hot water (120+ degrees) and dry in clothes dryer on the highest heat setting for at least 30 minutes. Fold items and place them in plastic garbage bags and seal the plastic bags tightly. Do not put them back on the bed until the evening after treatment.
    • Remove everything from bedrooms and hall closets. Closets, dresser drawers, and nightstand drawers must be empty. Remove all clothing, toys, boxes, etc. from the bedroom floors.
    • Wash all clothing, towels, and other linens in hot water (120+) and dry in the dryer on the highest heat setting for at least 30 minutes. Place clean items inside airtight plastic storage bins or plastic garbage bags that are sealed tightly and store until after treatment.
    • Vacuum (using disposable vacuum cleaner bags) all furniture, dresser drawers, nightstand drawers, mattresses, and box springs. Place disposable vacuum cleaner bag
      inside a plastic garbage bag. Seal tightly and discard in the outdoor trash receptacle immediately.
    • Move all furniture to the center of the room(s) being treated.
    • Discard all cardboard hangers, boxes, etc.
    • Remove all pictures from the walls.
    • Discarded mattresses, box springs, furniture, etc. must be removed from the premises and marked as containing bed bugs. Please do not place bedbug materials in or around dumpsters. Household members, pets, and assistance animals must remain out of the residence for four hours (or longer if specified by PCP) after treatment. Items specified by the PCP servicing the unit as non-treatable must be disposed of. Residents must wrap infested items in plastic before moving them out of the unit and destroy the items once they are outside to prevent others from retrieving infested items and taking them home. The plastic wrapping material is available from the PHA office.
  • The tenant must dispose of any furniture that does not respond to third treatment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tenants should never use the following products for bedbug treatment: Insecticide bombs, foggers, camphor, kerosene, diesel, gasoline, alcohol, or other similar products. These products can cause serious health problems. They are dangerous if misused and cause fires and explosions. These products are not appropriate for bedbug management.