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Lenoir Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as PHA) shall educate staff and new and existing residents in our PHA community about bed bugs. Information provided will include identification of bedbugs, habitats, how to avoid bringing bedbugs home, and what residents should do if they find a bedbug in their unit or offices.

  • The PHA will incorporate bedbug awareness and identification in the Tenant Orientation process.
  • The following may be used by the PHA as part of the ongoing training process.
    • Articles in the PHA newsletter.
    • A video and information on prevention and treatment shared during move-in and at annual re-sign.
    • Flyers delivered to residents.
    • Posters in common areas including laundry rooms.
    • Training sessions are conducted by staff or third-party professionals.
  • Provide property management and maintenance staff with suitable training on the identification and treatment of bedbugs.
  • Provide Central Office staff with suitable training on the identification of bedbugs.