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Tenant Bedbug Prevention

To prevent the spread of bedbugs, tenants will be encouraged to:

  • Avoid taking used furniture and mattresses, especially discarded furniture and mattresses, into the unit. Used furniture and refurbished mattresses may have bedbugs and bedbug eggs that are difficult to see.
  • Inspect for the signs of bedbugs when traveling away from home. Look for living or dead bedbugs, shed bedbug skins are bedbug eggs and fecal spots on mattresses, clothing, or dark cracks and crevices.
  • Segregate and isolate in sealed plastic bags any luggage, clothing and personal effects that may have been exposed to bedbugs until inspection and decontamination can be completed.
  • Report any bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs to PHA management.
  • Use properly fitting fabric mattress encasements on both the mattress and box spring to protect the mattress and keep bed bugs out of the interior of box springs.
  • Look for signs of bedbug activity, active infestations will have fecal spotting, live or dead bedbugs, shed skins, and bedbug eggs.

The PHA maintains a stock of these covers for purchase in the Main Office. Covers are not marked up for-profit but are offered to the tenant at a price that includes only the PHA's actual cost including shipping.