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Interior/Exterior Standards

Interior Standards 
1. General:

  1. Walls: should be clean, free of dirt, grease, holes, cobwebs, and fingerprints.
  2. Floors: should be clean, clear, and free of hazards.
  3. Ceilings: should be clean and free of cobwebs.
  4. Light Fixtures: should be free of any dust build-up; light covers in place and not broken.
  5. Windows: should be clean and not nailed shut. Shades should be intact.
  6. Woodwork: should be clean, free of dust, gouges, or scratches.
  7. Doors: should be clean, free of grease and fingerprints. Doorstops should be present. Locks should work.
  8. Heating units & Water Heater Closet: should be accessible (no locks, no clutter) dusted, and not used for storage.
  9. Infestation: No evidence of rodents or insect infestation; bait stations and traps clean.
  10. Electric Hazards: No electrical cords running loosely across floors; no overloads, no hazards.
  11. Trash: shall be disposed of properly and not left in the unit.
  12. Evidence of Pet: litter box, cage, and/or fish tank clean and odor-free; no evidence of urine or damage caused by pet.

2. Kitchen:

  1. Stove: should be clean and free of food and grease.
  2. Refrigerator: should be clean. The freezer door should close properly, and the freezer has no more than one inch of ice. No stickers (decals) on refrigerators.
  3. Cabinets: should be clean and neat. Cabinet surfaces and countertops should be free of grease and spilled food. Cabinets should not be overloaded. Storage under the sink should be limited to small or lightweight items to permit access for repairs. Do not store heavy pots and pans under the sink.
  4. Exhaust Fan: should be free of grease and dust.
  5. Sink: should be clean, free of grease and garbage. Dirty dishes should be washed and put away in a timely manner.
  6. Food storage areas: should be neat and clean without spilled food.
  7. Trash/garbage: should be stored in a covered container until removed to the disposal area.

3. Bathroom(s):

  1. Toilet and tank: should be clean and odor-free.
  2. Tub and shower: should be clean and free of excessive mildew and mold. Where applicable, shower curtains should be in place, and of adequate length.
  3. Lavatory/Countertop: should be clean.
  4. Exhaust fans: should be free of dust.

4. Storage Areas:

  1. Linen closet: should be neat and clean.
  2. Other closets: should be neat and clean. No flammable materials should be stored in the unit.
  3. Other storage areas: should be clean, neat, and free of hazards.

Exterior Standards

The following standards apply to family and scattered-site developments only; some standards apply only when the area noted is for the exclusive use of the Resident:

  1. Yards/Grassy Area: should be free of debris, trash, indoor furniture, and abandoned cars.
  2. Exterior walls: should be free of graffiti.
  3. Porches (front and rear): should be clean and free of hazards. Any items stored on the porch shall not impede access to the unit.
  4. Steps (front and rear): should be clean, and free of hazards.
  5. Sidewalks: should be clean and free of hazards.
  6. Storm/Screen Doors: should be clean; glass intact; no damage
  7. Parking Area: should be free of abandoned cars. There should be no car repairs in the lots.
  8. Hallway/Stairwell: should be swept clean and free of debris; free of any tripping hazards.
  9. Laundry Area: should be swept clean; no soiled laundry piled up; lint removed from the dryer; dryer vented to outside.
  10. Utility/Storage Area: should be free of trash; no vehicle parts stored; no flammable materials.
  11. Discarded Food/Grease: No evidence of grease or food disposed of outside of the unit; no feeding dished for animals outside of the unit.
  12. Other: Laundry and yard tools should not be left out overnight.