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Housekeeping Policy


In an effort to improve the livability and conditions of the apartments owned and managed by the Authority, uniform standards for resident housekeeping have been developed for all resident families.

A. Authority Responsibility
The standards that follow will be applied fairly and uniformly to all Residents. The Authority will inspect each unit at least annually, to determine compliance with the standards. Upon completion of an inspection, the Authority will notify the Resident in writing if he/she fails to comply with the standards. The Authority will advise the Resident of the correction(s) required to establish compliance and indicate that training is available. Within a reasonable period of time, the Authority will schedule a second inspection. Failure of a second inspection will constitute a violation of the Lease terms.

B. Resident Responsibility
The Resident is required to abide by the standards set forth below. Failure to abide by the Housekeeping Standards is a violation of the Lease terms and can result in eviction.

Interior and Exterior Standards