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Annual Recertification Q&A

Why does the Housing Authority conduct Annual Recertifications?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires us to review the income, assets, and family composition of each family receiving assistance to determine their continued eligibility. You are required to provide all the information we need to recertify your family annually. Most families receive several thousand dollars worth of assistance each year; in return, we ask that you comply with program rules and provide this information annually.

What if I provided all the information last year and there have been no changes?

Even if there have been no changes to your situation, you are still required to provide all the information we request.

What if I recently reported some changes to my income? Do I still need to complete the Annual Recertification?

Yes, even if we have recently conducted "interim" income recertification based on changes you reported to us, we must still complete the full annual recertification for everyone in your family.

Can't you obtain information about my income from other sources?

It is your responsibility as the resident to report all income to the Lenoir Housing Authority, and we will confirm this information with federal and state agencies that collect income data.

How do I know if you received what I sent you?

We will call if we are missing any documents or need further explanation/verification. If your packet was completed correctly you will receive a letter or email.

What if I am expecting a change to my income, assets, or family composition?

Please tell us, in writing, as much as possible about any changes that may take place after your annual recertification. Once you have provided verification of the change LHA will conduct "interim" recertification.

What if I am planning on moving?

If you are planning to move during your annual recertification process, it is important that you let us know your plans as soon as possible. However, you are required to provide the documentation. The recertification must be completed, if you move out before the effective date

Will there be changes to my rent as a result of the Annual Recertification? 

There could be changes to the rent you pay if: Your income or assets have changed. Your landlord has requested a rent increase. Someone has moved in or out of your household, which affects the number of bedrooms you are eligible for. The payment standard or utility allowances that the Housing Authority uses to calculate your subsidy has changed. You will be notified by mail of any rent change. Most Housing Authority programs are designed so that families pay about a third of their income in rent. The federal government considers this to be an affordable amount for any family to pay for housing.

What if I am not able to gather all the information by the deadline? 

The Housing Authority's deadline for the submittal of annual recertification documents is firm. Failure to comply with deadlines could result in termination of your assistance. We encourage you to plan ahead and keep income and asset information for everyone in your family on file to make it easier to submit the packet by the deadline. If there is a crisis that causes a delay, contact us immediately.

What if we have earned no income?

If no one in your household is currently employed LHA has a zero-income policy.

What is your zero-income policy?

While we understand that a family may have no earned income, it is our belief that the family receives money from somewhere to pay utilities, cell phones, personal items that are needed for the month. This is where our zero-income questionnaire comes in, we will fill out an expense report of the family's monthly bills, laundry, phones, etc., and other needs for the month. These are considered contributions these contributions are what Lenoir Housing Authority uses to calculate your annual income. You must submit the name and phone number/email of the person who contributes and LHA staff will contact those individuals to verify. LHA also understands that you might not have a bill or account in your name but your family uses the services, this is also considered income. An example would be that your brother has a car that you use, or your mom pays your cell phone and internet bill, or even that you use your neighbor's WIFI. These are considered contributions to your family.
**Keep in mind withholding information is considered FRAUD. Provide correct information.**

How often do I have to complete the Zero-Income Questionnaire?

Lenoir Housing Authority requires the zero-income questionnaire to be completed every 90 days. All verifications must be accompanied (i.e., Duke Energy account number, 3 gas bills, insurance bills, etc.).

What happens if I fail to provide completed Zero-Income Questionnaire and required certifications?

As with all recertifications failure to complete required documentation means that LHA is unable to certify the household's eligibility and will result in rent changing to flat rent or the family breaking the terms of the lease which will result in the termination of your lease.

You mentioned Interm Recertification, what is that?

An Interim Recertification is what the housing authority uses to adjust your rent during your participation year. If your income changes at any time other than at your annual recertification once verification has been received and verified LHA will adjust your rent accordingly.

If my rent changes, when will I have to start paying the new rent?

If your rent increases the amount will go into effect on the first day of the second month after your interim. If your rent decreases the amount will go into effect the following month.