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Annual Recertification


The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), states that all Residents MUST provide information, and "reapply" for housing assistance annually. This ensures that any subsidy that LHA provides is being distributed to eligible families who are in need.

The month in which you first moved into Lenoir Housing Authority is your recertification month. You must have your household information reviewed and certified before the first of this month every year. 

Lenoir Housing Authority will send you a letter 120 days before your recertification date, in this letter will be an explanation of the documents needed to recertify your household. You will provide the documents by the date enclosed in your letter. The Occupancy Specialist from Lenoir Housing Authority will contact you for any additional information or follow-up questions. Once all the required information has been received and verified your new rent will be calculated and all adult members will sign the required documents. 

Your recertification is to be completed by the date below. If you fail to provide the required documents and complete your annual recertification, your continued occupancy will be in jeopardy or you will be placed on a flat rate.

Recertification month is just our way of saying Initial Move-in Month. 

Recertification Month (Move-In Month)
Date to Complete Recertification By:
January-November 10th
February-December 10th
March-January 10th
April-February 10th
May-March 10th
June-April 10th
July-May 10th
August-June 10th
September-July 10th
October-August 10th
November-September 10th
December-October 10th