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LHA Laundry Room
431 Vance Street NW, Lenoir, NC 28645
Hours of operation: 7:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Rules and Etiquette
There is a limit of 2 machines per apartment
***Please do not start a load after 2:30 as the facility closes at 3:30***

Lids on washers and doors on Dryers need to be closed before inserting coins.

For 15 additional minutes of dryer time insert one additional coin.

Laundry must not be left unattended at ANY time.
Please DO NOT put rugs of any type in the washers and dryers as they can damage the machines.


  • Be timely removing clothes from the washer and dryers.
  • Keep the laundry room neat and tidy.
  • Clean up spills and messes.
  • Empty the lint tray when you are done using the dryer.
  • Be respectful of other people's clothing.


  • Leave clothes in the washer or dryer after the cycle has finished.
  • Overload machines with clothing or use too much detergent.
  • Leave clothing or laundry baskets in the middle of the floor in the way of others.
  • Make someone else clean up after you.
  • Leave behind any clothing in the machines.
  • Remove any property other than your own from the laundry room.