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Notice for Pet Removal

If the PHA determines that the resident has failed to correct the pet rule violation within the time permitted in this section (including any additional time permitted by the PHA), or if the parties are unable to resolve the problem, the PHA may serve a written notice to the resident requiring the resident to remove the pet. This will be accomplished by first-class mail, or by serving a copy of the notice on any adult answering the door at the resident's leased dwelling unit. If no adult responds, the PHA will place the notice under or through the door or attach the notice to the door. The PHA may also serve the written notice at the meeting. The notice will be in writing and will:

  1. Contain a brief statement of the factual basis for the determination and the pet rule or rules that have been violated;
  2. State that the resident must remove the pet within ten (10) calendar days of the effective date of the notice of pet removal (or the meeting, if notice is served at the meeting); and
  3. State that failure to remove the pet may result in the initiation of procedures to have the pet removed, to terminate the resident's dwelling lease or both.

The procedures do not apply in cases where the pet in question presents an immediate threat to the health and safety of others or if the pet is being treated in an inhumane manner. In such cases, the provisions in paragraph U of the Pet Ownership Rules shall apply.